2015 Treasurer’s Report

AFLA strives to be 100 percent transparent with its members! To view the 2015 Treasurer’s Report, please click here. To read notes from the treasurer about the 2015 report, please click here! Thank you to our treasurer, Karen Cafmeyer, for being the voice of fiscal reason, for keeping incredibly thorough records, and for relentlessly pursuing budgetary issues … More 2015 Treasurer’s Report

AFLA 2016 Credit Course

As in the past, attendees have the option to earn 1 graduate credit for their learning at the 2016 conference. The credit is offered through UAA, and the course instructor is Brandon Locke, Director of World Languages for the Anchorage School District. Participants are required to attend all sessions at the conference and submit a 2-page reflection … More AFLA 2016 Credit Course

Past Winners: Terry Higley K-12 Teacher of the Year

 2015: Elena Farkas The Anchorage School District is the first district in the nation to have a K-12 Russian Immersion Program. This year is a pivotal year as we will be graduating our first group of seniors from the program, students who started with the program 13 years ago. This program would not have been … More Past Winners: Terry Higley K-12 Teacher of the Year

Origins of AFLA

Origins of AFLA: from “Foreign Languages at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks  1960-1994” by Wolf Hollerbach In 1967, Dr. Bruce Gordon, chair of the University of Alaska Foreign Language Department, founded the Alaska Foreign Language Association, AFLA.  Its aim has always been to bring teachers at all levels together, to inform them of significant … More Origins of AFLA

Call for Proposals: AFLA 2016

“Pique Their Proficiency” is the theme of the Alaskans For Language Acquisition (AFLA) 2016 Annual Conference. The conference will take place at the University of Alaska-Anchorage from September 23-25, 2016. It will feature sessions, workshops, vendor exhibits, and unlimited opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from across the state. The 2016 conference committee is seeking proposals … More Call for Proposals: AFLA 2016