ACTFL Report from Michele Whaley

Michele Whaley was one of two AFLA members that received a $500.00 travel scholarship from AFLA in order to present at ACTFL 2015 in San Diego, California. Here is her report!

ACTFL 2015 was a wonderful experience! The AFLA presentation that I repeated for ACTFL is at this link. I shared how to create a template so that students could make web portfolios. Try it out, and send me any questions you have.
I attended several other presentations, the best of which were those by Mira Canion, Bill Van Patten, and Robert Harrell; all five of these hot links are links to blog posts that are in some way about or connected to the conference. I find that it’s useful to share how I apply what I learn after a conference. Posting my attempts to apply it also means that I don’t completely drop the new ideas. I liked Robert Harrell’s presentation so much, but realized that he was able to do only half of it in the hour allowed, that I asked him to Skype with our teachers. I’ll announce that upcoming meeting right here!


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