Seeking 2016 Award Nominations

Each year, AFLA recognizes two members and one non-member for their contributions to the preservation, teaching, and/or learning of languages in Alaska. The Terry Higley Award is given to a K-12 language teacher that is an AFLA member, the Wolf Hollerbach Award recognizes a university-level language teacher that is an AFLA member, and the Friend of Languages Award is given to someone that is not a member of AFLA but that has contributed to world language education in some way.

Please click here to submit nominations for the Wolf Hollerbach and Friend of Languages Award. The deadline has already passed to nominate teachers for the 2016 Terry Higley Alaska Language Teacher of the Year award.

The Wolf Hollerbach Award – Outstanding University World Language Educator

An award to honor an outstanding teacher of a language other than English at the college or university level. The nominee and the nominator both must be members of AFLA. The award is named in honor of Wolf Hollerbach, long-time French professor and teacher extraordinaire at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. The nominee should have taught at least five years.
“Friend of World Languages Award”

An award for a non-language teacher that has helped AFLA significantly. An award to honor a person, company, club, or other individual or group who has made a significant contribution to world language education in Alaska. The nominee does NOT have to be a member of AFLA.


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