How might focusing on interest and adventure change our teaching?

Dr. Tove I. DahlFrom Baselines to BASE Jumping: How might focusing on interest and adventure change our teaching?

What if one of our basic curricular goals was to arouse and maintain our students’ interest in our subject area?  What if we managed to meet that goal so effectively that students remained interested in the subject and pursued it further on their own long after they left our programs? How might including such a goal in our curriculum change our teaching?  Meanwhile, interest is linked to adventure.  What if we approached our students’ learning along the way as if it were an adventure? How might that change our teaching?  Tove I. Dahl does research on interest and adventure.  She also directs one of the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota where, every year, she applies what she learns, sees how it works with kids and teachers, and takes it back to the lab for further exploration and fine tuning.  In this keynote, she will share what she has learned from her research examining activities as varied as visiting museums, hunting the northern lights, driving the Alaska Highway and BASE jumping. Ready? Come curious, and come open to gathering new perspectives for your own teaching adventures.

Join Tove I. Dahl for this keynote on Saturday, September 24 at the AFLA Conference in Anchorage! Register today.


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