Meet the AFLA 2017 Keynote Speaker!

Catherine Ousselin, Keynote Speaker at 2017 AFLA conference

Catherine Ousselin is a graduate of the University of Kansas with an M.A. in French Language and Literature. She is a member of ACTFL, NNELL, IALLT, WAFLT, and the AATF of which she is the current Region IX representative. Catherine is the AATF Social Media manager and curator, the chair of the Technology Commission, an avid blogger on World Language technology integration, and a frequenter participant on #langchat and other Twitter Ed-chats. She teaches French at Mount Vernon High in Washington State and serves as a Digital Literacy coach for the school district. Catherine is the 2016 WAFLT Teacher of the Year and the 2017 PNCFL Teacher of the year.  

Follow Catherine on Twitter to start learning with her today!  @CatherineKU72


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