Workshop with Catherine Ousselin at AFLA 2017

Core practices ThinglinkThis year’s AFLA conference in Fairbanks is just four weeks away! In addition to learning from colleagues across our state, we are excited to host Catherine Ousselin, 2018 PNCFL Teacher of the Year, as our keynote speaker!

Catherine will present a keynote address on Saturday at noon, and we will have the opportunity to learn more from her in two workshops on Friday. One of these sessions is on unit design, and Catherine encourages participants to bring laptops so that we can begin working through her lesson design process as she coaches.


How do we design and create transformative instructional units that ignite our students’ sense of engagement and help them develop linguistic proficiency and cultural and global competence? What core teaching practices can we rely on to develop such units, and how do we discriminate among the myriad online and other authentic resources to successfully teach them to use them with our students? In this workshop, we will examine units created using ACTFL’s six core principles and unit design practices that you can directly adopt or adapt to meet your own students’ learning needs, language levels and learning styles.

We will also explore multiple tools to support you in creating your own instructional units, whereby you can curate resources efficiently, choose and utilize the most appropriate technology for your learning outcomes, and develop meaningful assessments for that unit


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