January 9, 2018


Board meeting

Date: January 9, 2018

Time: 4:30pm

Place: Anchorage

  1. Approval of agenda

1st Karen Cafmeyer

2nd Charles Beattie

  1. Financial report (Karen Cafmeyer)
  • ACTFL dues are due, system has changed to online only
  • Non-profit fee for State of Alaska is due
  • Charles is able to receive a stipend
  • Need to move account from Wells Fargo to Alaska USA (see action item)
  • Need to increase conference fee to be able to sustain (see action item)
  1. Conference planning report (Solvejg Rogers, Carla Swick)
  • Conference dates September 28-30
  • Conference Theme: Going Global
  • Location: Palmer High School
  • Speakers:
  1. Thomas Sauer for workshops. Solvejg will contact him.
  2. We decided for a community member to give the Keynote address. Valerie Eckberg-Brown will contact the Institute of the North, Alaska Worlds Council and Builders of Bridges to inquire about a key note speaker.
  • Session proposals: e-mails asking for proposals will go out before spring break. Deadline will be first week of Mai
  • Registration: we will try to get registration open early so Yan can use grant
  1. Webpage updates/ report (Nicole Ayers, Charles Beattie)
  • No access to website due to lack of password. Charles will work closely with Martina Bex to retrieve password and access
  • Web site has to be transferred
  • Officers will be updated
  • Web page needs facelift to satisfy possible sponsors such as : past conference info, donate button, links, current bios on board members etc.



  • Discussion :
  • Amazon smiles, Solvejg will sign AFLA up for it
  • Pick Click give for next year
  • Donation Button on webpage with drop down options on how to benefit AFLA. Valerie will send some ideas
  • Sponsorship letters : Solvejg will write some up, Valerie will e-mail existing letters
  • Increase membership: ASL, Alaska Native Languages, avoid membership lapses, University students)
  • Candace Brandson will contact professionals and organizations in the Alaska Native language field to include them in the process/conference etc.
  • We need to find ways to be more inclusive and inviting to Alaska Native Language educators, ASL and other groups.
  • Differentiating registration and membership
  • Increase conference fee


  1. New business/ Action items:
  • Move current bank account from Wells Fargo to Alaska USA

1st Karen Cafmeyer

2nd Charles Beattie

Unanimous agreed

  • Increase current conference fee by $5

1st Solvejg Rogers

2nd Elizabeth

Unanimous agreed

  1. Future items:
  • Web page improvement
  • Sponsorship and other ways to increase budget
  • Conference details
  • Speakers and presenters
  1. Adjourned: 5:50 pm


Nicole Ayers (Webmaster)                                                                    Valerie Eckberg-Brown (Ad hoc member)

Charles Beattie (Past President)                                                       Emanuela, Pokryfki ( PNCFL)

Rowan Beraza (South East VP)                                                           Solvejg Rogers (President)

Candace Branson (Ad Hoc Indigenous rep)                               Carla Swick (South Central Rep, Secretary)

Karen Cafmeyer (Treasurer)

Elizabeth Dick (President elect)