AFLA and PNCFL (our regional organization) memberships are included in your annual conference fee, so you are an official AFLA and PNCFL member in the year following any state conference that you attend (e.g.: You are a 2015 member if you attend the 2014 conference).

If you do not attend the annual conference in any given year, you can maintain your AFLA and PNCFL memberships by completing the membership form and paying a $40.00 membership fee.

Click here to join AFLA and PNCFL or renew your membership.

Select the “2017-2018 Membership Only” registration option. You will complete all of the steps for conference registration and receive confirmation of conference attendance even though you will only be charged $40.00. (Keeping membership and conference registration together is the easiest way for us to keep track of membership with RegOnline.)